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Dr. Beth Anne Rankin

Starting piano lessons at age 8, Beth Anne continued her love of music with a devotion to composing uplifting melodies that inspire the human heart. Previously a featured performer with America’s Premier Piano Showman, DINO, in Branson, Missouri, Beth Anne later composed & recorded piano instrumental CDs that capture an expansively cinematic emotion, encouraging and uplifting the listener with stirring melodies. Inspired by the shared human experience of everyday life, her contemporary Christian vocal CDs are fun and authentically expressive & reflect the encouraging themes of God’s faithfulness and provision.

Enjoy browsing Beth Anne’s piano instrumental, vocal, and patriotic music below

Beth Anne Rankin CD Without Words

Without Words

Breathtaking — a “must-have”. Piano CD that showcases stirring, cinematic piano & orchestral arrangements that lift the heart & soothe the soul. Heralded as a magnificent listening experience of beautiful, lush & haunting melodies.

Genre: Easy Listening, Piano Instrumental, Orchestral

Keys to the Heart

A musical keepsake. These moving piano melodies encompass original music as well as unforgettable Broadway themes (“Music of the Night” from Phantom, “Memory” from Cats) and a Miss America award-winning arrangement of the Battle Hymn of the Republic.

Genre: Easy Listening, Piano Instrumental, Orchestral

Keys to the Heart CD Beth Anne Rankin

She Will See Me Stand Beth Anne Rankin

She’ll See Me Stand

Powerful tribute to America’s Flag — our enduring symbol of freedom and liberty. This song tells the story of America’s Flag as she has flown over the events that preserved these United States. She has stood by us. May we stand by her.

Genre: Patriotic Vocal

Even Then

Unforgettable Contemporary Christian vocal music with a cutting-edge original approach by two southern songwriters whose combined voices produce a one-of-a-kind musical blend.

Genre: Contemporary Christian Vocal

Beth Anne Rankin CD Even Then