Organizational Consulting & Leadership Coaching


Beth Anne Rankin

With a combined 20+ years of experience in organizations and organizational consulting, Dr. Beth Anne Rankin and fellow consultant Dr. Kathleen Lennard specialize in data-driven organizational consulting to assist organizations in achieving their missions and reaching exceptional levels of strategic performance.

Holding doctorates in Leadership and Learning in Organizations from Vanderbilt University, the collaborative consulting team of Dr. Rankin and Dr. Lennard customize proposals to meet the unique goals of each organization. By building relationships and coming alongside clients, GWP partners with organizational leaders in design, strategy, assessment, evaluation, and visionary performance. 

By incorporating the powerfully impactful components of Improvement Science with their distinguishing stakeholder-driven data analysis process, Dr. Rankin & Dr. Lennard partner with organizations to transform their work at all levels.

Strategic Planning: GWP will work with your staff, board of directors, community partners, and other stakeholders to develop consensus on the organization’s goals. GWP facilitates the strategic planning process, ensuring that the final plan provides the road map to identify objectives, action steps, timelines, expected outcomes, and measures of success.

Program Evaluation: Too often, small nonprofits waste resources on programs that are not achieving results. GWP will design and implement evaluation strategies that provide information needed to ensure the organization is making a desired impact. Evaluation findings can be used to manage, improve, and expand programs.

 Program Development and Management: GWP will work with you to capture assumptions about relationships between program resources, activities, outcomes, and impact. The model can be used to make a case for support with potential funders and stakeholders and guide program planning, management, and evaluation.

Leadership Coaching: Leading a nonprofit organization can be an isolating experience. GWP is prepared to come alongside the organization’s leadership to provide guidance and counsel in a learning environment. Our goal is to help the leader solve a current problem and to build a resilient organization that is equipped to meet future challenges.

To schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Rankin and Dr. Lennard, please visit Good Work Partnership.